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Tóg Go Bog É 


We are new arrivals to Donegal and have brought with us a Finnish phenomenon that has become very popular in Cork- a wood fired mobile sauna at the seaside. The sauna provides a nourishing community space for people to get together, share a transformational experience, heal our bodies and clear our minds. 


The sauna is a barrel shape with a sea view window to enjoy the scenery while basking in the heat. It is located near the beach entrance where one can immerse themselves in some cold water therapy and then return to the warmth of the cocoon. 

We can't wait to meet you at Cocoon Sauna at Portnablagh Pier, Co. Donegal. 


Relax, Feel & Heal,

Claire and Eli


Claire and Eli, owners of Cocoon Sauna bringing sauna & cold plunge to the Irish shores
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