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Our sauna sessions are meant to cater to each individuals needs. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.  

After your sauna take the steps into the ocean for your cold plunge


How does it work?

We suggest 10-15 minutes in the sauna, a 1-3 minute cold plunge and repeat, finishing the session with a dip. But listen to your own body. Drink plenty of water before the session and between rounds. 


Do I have to get in the ocean?

You don't have to get in the ocean you can also air-cool off outside the sauna. 


Do I need to shower before use of the sauna?

A shower is recommended in advance of your session.


What happens when I arrive at my sauna session?

You can get changed into your swimsuit, leave all your valuables in your car, bring your towel and water and check in with us. We can mind your car keys for the duration if you would like. 


What should I bring to my sauna?

Bring water, a swimsuit, a towel to sit on for hygiene and another one for after.

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Tóg Go Bog É 

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All people are created equal, but nowhere more so than in a sauna.

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